DB1BM Data by Route

Note: the DB1BM database is taken offline in April 2018 due to database size.

This page provides a query of USDOT DB1B Market Dataset, which is a 10% sample of domestic itineraries.  Please note:

  • This table excludes passengers enplaned outside U.S
  • This table is based on DB1B Market, which is for one-way trips, instead of DB1B Ticket or DB1B Segment
  • Fares shown are per passenger, as reported by carriers and processed by DOT. 

Results can be filtered using filter boxes at the bottom of table.

  • ItinID: unique itinerary number, allowing us to research further details
  • Origin: originating airport of this one-way trip
  • Dest: destination airport of this one-way trip (not a connecting point!)
  • TkCarrier: carrier that has issued the ticket
  • Pax: total passengers on this record, of which someone may have bought in bulk
  • Coupons: number of segments of this record, with 1 as non-stop
  • Avg_fare: unit air fare of this record, provided by DOT

Hint: you can type airport code when dropdown list is enabled, instead of selecting an airport.

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The dashboard below provides a quick overview.