Domestic Air Fare Distribution Chart

Note: the DB1B database is taken offline in April 2018 due to database size.

This form provides historical airline ticket price, or more specifically, historical domestic average one-way fares, extracted from Department of Transportation's DB1B database. 

  • The first result is a table, showing average price of all carriers on a specific route by stop, even if a specific airline is selected on the form
  • The second result is a bar chart, showing distribution of average fares based on options selected on the form

For example, if we input LAX as origin and SFO as destination and click "Submit", we will find out 7 airlines offering nonstop services and majority of fares were between $50 and $100 in 1Q2012.  If we prefer, we can narrow down the search to "VX" "Non-Stop" and "$10" incremental, we will then find majority of VX nonstop tickets were between $60 and $70.  You can find airport and airline codes at this link.

For people not familar with this database:

  • This database is a 10% sample of domestic itineraries, or 50 million+ of records each year.  Therefore, all passenger numbers in chart should be multiplied by 10. 
  • Air fare shown is one-way trip fare from origin airport to destination airport, and includes nonstop and multi-legs.  Air fare shown includes all taxes and fees, but does not include ancillary fees such as extra baggage fee
  • Data errors are inevitable.  For example, unknown air fares were input as 9999, and allocated to each one-way trip in an itinerary.  Therefore, the DOT is reported to exclude one-way fares higher than $2,500
  • Historical fare is no indication of current pricing level. See fare mapper for changes in recent quarter.
  • All details supporting this chart can be extracted from this link

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The dashboard below provides a quick overview.