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Recent Update

February 2021: added Matic Network - The New Frontier.

February 2021: added brief review of Binance Smart Chain Farms and Yield OptimizersThe GREAT TRANSITION to BSC continues.

February 2021: added Defi, Yield Farming and Liquidity Mining.

October 2020: glad to have assisted in Hawaii bond issue! Updated post-COVID airport OS: BHM, DFW, IAHLAX, MEMPDX, and SFO, and ATL POS, Hawaii POS, MIA POS, ORD POS, and PHL POS.

August 2020: potential HEALS Act $9.5B grant allocation for primary airports.

May 2020 update: updated larged hub rate booksofficial statementsand medium hub information.

March 2020 update: added Drastic Actions to Meet Rate Covenant. If you do not have a residual system, please take actions as soon as possible to avoid potential issues.

January 2020 update: added GASB 87 Impact on Airport Finance.

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This dashboard presents monthly scheduled airline departing seats from U.S., and allows users to drill down into further details. June 2020 schedule is relatively reliable; July 2020 schedule has been revised but is not fully reliable as of 6/8/2020.