T-100 U.S. Market Analysis

This page provides a query of USDOT Form 41 T-100 Market database, which includes U.S. revenue enplaned passengers since 2003.  Please note:

  • This database includes certain passengers enplaned outside U.S., but I excluded those passengers from this query
  • This table is based on T-100 Market (excluding transit passengers) instead of T-100 Segment (including transit passengers)
  • Data for small air carriers prior to 2003 were included in 298C database.  Therefore I excluded T-100 data prior to 2003
  • Airlines in this analysis are operating carriers (those carriers that physically operate flights) instead of publishing carriers (those carriers selling ticket under their name).  T-100 does not provide information on publishing carriers.
  • Reporting is typically 6 months behind. DOT published December 2014 in June 2015.

For a more detailed description of enplaned passengers, please see this link.

Note: my form suddenly requires a login now.  For the moment, please use this link.

The attached dashboard provides a convenient way to examine data for the calendar years 2013 and 2014.