Large Hub Landing Fee Rate and Rates and Charges Books

Most U.S. airports recalculae airline rates and charges annually and send a rate package to the airlines for discussion.  After airline consultation, an airport may post a simplified version online for public access. This web page is a database-driven summary of airline rates and charges files of U.S. large hub airports. Those rate books may offer useful information on the rate calculation (such as the MIA rate book) and rate level. However, it is difficult to compare rates between airports

  • Landing fee rates are relatively comparable, because they are applied to similar activity measurements, such as maximum gross landed weight or take-off weight
  • Terminal rental rates are not comparable, because there may be different weight factors, such as 2.0x rental rates for holdroom space
  • Some airports prepare calculations of per-turn airline payment per enplaned passenger.  Those calculations are much more useful for analyzing airport costs.


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Official Statement
Airport LandingFeeRate EffectiveDate RateBook
ATL 0.9513 7/1/2020 Jul20 Rate
BOS 4.5900 10/1/2018 No public copy
BWI 4.2300 7/1/2020 Jul20 Rate
CLT 1.0600 7/1/2019 Jul19 Rate
DCA 3.3800 1/1/2020 Jan20 Rate
DEN 4.9200 1/1/2020 Jan20 Rate
DFW 2.2300 10/1/2019 Oct19 Rate
DTW 3.6800 10/1/2016 Oct16 Rate
EWR 7.6700 1/1/2020 Jan20 Rate
FLL 1.6200 10/1/2018 Oct18 Rate
HNL 4.5600 7/1/2020 Jul20 Rate
IAD 1.5500 1/1/2020 Jan20 Rate
IAH 4.5600 7/1/2020 Jul20 Rate
JFK 6.9500 1/1/2020 Jan20 Rate
LAS 1.6800 7/1/2019 20Q3 Report
LAX 5.0800 7/1/2019 Jul19 Rate
LGA 13.8200 1/1/2020 Jan20 Rate
MCO 2.0270 10/1/2019 Oct19 Rate
MDW 4.8760 7/1/2019 Jul19 Rate
MIA 1.6200 10/1/2018 Oct18 Rate
MSP 3.0300 1/1/2019 Jan19 Rate
ORD 10.3770 7/1/2019 Jul19 Rate
PDX 4.9100 7/1/2020 Jul20 Rate
PHL 4.5100 6/1/2018 Jun18 Rate
PHX 1.9900 7/1/2017 Jul17 Rate
SAN 3.2100 7/1/2019 Jul19 Rate
SEA 4.0800 1/1/2020 Jan20 Rate
SFO 7.2900 7/1/2020 Jul20 Rate
SLC 3.7700 7/1/2020 Jul20 Rate
TPA 1.5840 10/1/2019 Oct19 Rate