Aviation Financial Data

Aviation economic and financial data can be separated into three categories:

  1. Readily available data, which are listed below
  2. Data that can be compiled using public documents, which is provided at https://dwuconsulting.com
  3. Nonpublic data

Readily available financial data include:

  • Airline financial data
    • USDOT Form 41 Financial Data
      • This database includes key financial information for all major U.S. carriers, such as balance sheet and income statement.  It also includes further details such as employment statistics, fuel cost or block hour operating expenses by aircraft type
    • Airlines for America
      • This site provides many airline traffic and economic data, and periodical industry review and outlook.  However, with Delta exiting A4A, it is unknown how the data reporting will be affected
  • Airport financial data
    • Compliance Activity Tracking System
      • This database includes key financial results of all U.S. airports, such as revenues, expenses, traffic statistics, and rate information. Data quality has been greatly improved in the recent years.
    • Summary of airport CPE, airline rates, official statement, financial statement, etc.
    • Electronical Municipal Market Access (EMMA/MSRB)
      • This site provides official statements and continuing disclosure documents for all airport bonds
    • Fitch Ratings
      • Rating report/news release can be searched on Fitch site with a free registration.  After login, click this link. Be sure to search "aviation" too.
      • S&P and Moody's reports are typically not available to the public.
  • Other airport funding and grant data - FAA
    • Airport & Airway Trust Fund
      • This site provides collection and expenditure information for the Trust Fund.
    • Airport Improvement Program grants
      • This site includes historical AIP grant details, including entitlement eligible for each airport, and actual award by federal fiscal year.  
      • Letter of intent history has been added back to the site.
    • Passenger Facility Charges
      • This site includes PFC related information, such as monthly PFC report recording all approved PFC location, level and authorization amounts
    • Airport External Portal
      • This site includes additional PFC revenue reports that are not on the PFC site. However, totals may not add up correctly, and must be crosschecked with the PFC site
  • Airport Council International - North America
    • ACI-NA conduct annual financial benchmark surveys, biennium capital needs survey and other surveys, and summarizes the results on its data page.